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December 16, 2012
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Athena x Ares by zeldacw Athena x Ares by zeldacw
Athena & Ares

MYth (c) Zelda C. Wang
Original Greek Mythology Inspired Webcomic.

Read MYth stories on Manga [link]

Other MYth related art:

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HAHAHA...Glad to know I'm not the only one who's been shipping these two.... ^_^ although I enjoy Greek mythology, the fanfics are awesome too...
Negar-bendy Feb 15, 2014  New member
Perfect...I love you Zeldacw!
I hate to ask. . . but is that Nike in the background?
gretchen0693 Feb 2, 2014  New member Student General Artist
OK! future story couples to think about (please) 
 1. Hephaestus and Aphrodite 
 2. Eros and Phycke (forgive me if i spelled her name wrong)
 3.Hermes and some girl (preferably someone good at sports) 
 4. Apollo and sunny (which i am very much looking forward to btw :-))
 5. crones and rhea
 6. Hades and Persephone's kids

   thanks for reading hope you can do at least some of these, and please would you mind including Hephaestus a bit more in you stories?    he's HOT!!!
Heracles and that Amazon queen?
smiley onion, I'm a huge fan of MYth. I love your interpretation of Greek Mythology.Thank You Hearts Sign  for making it!

There is so much thought put behind each of the characters you make and, unlike some interpreters, you seem to embrace the philosophy behind their personas quite adequately. onion dance 
This drawing just spoke volumes to me and both Athena la-hoplite (greek)  and Ares la-gladius (greek)  look so awesome. You're a great artist. onion yep 


I personally like the idea of Ares and Athena Having a relationship and not just because they're both war gods but because they are the ying and yang of a single spectrum that encompasses both sides of a complex ideal. :brainstorm: 

Things they have in common and Reasons why they should be together Emoticon Eyes :

*One is passion. The other is the strategy that guides that passion. They are each other's balance Yin n' yang tard Yin and yang Yin n' yang tard !
*She was born from Zeus' head as the child of his first wife Metis (who in this interpretation has a VERY compelling back story) therefore making her (due to Zeus' vanity of loving any extension or reflection of himself) Zeus' favorite child. He was born through Hera's own form of "immaculate conception" or by touching a rare flower (according to some myths) due to his own mother's jealous retaliation of witnessing Zeus give birth to the later (Athena).
* The make up sex will just be.... Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Shy in love) [V1] !

Their modern equivalent would be:
Good Girl x Bad Boy
Jock X Geek
And i also like this couple for the sake of making Aphrodite and Hephaestus (he is so sexy in this :retarded-drool: ) far more complex and interesting characters. Aphrodite and Ares had kids together (we all know this). Athena adopted and raised Hephaestus' (possibly) only child Erichthonius as if he were her own son (bet some of you didn't know that). So yeah, I think it'd be pretty cool if people played on this idea a little bit. It'd be an interesting love story(s) in the hands of a great story teller and it be killing two pairings with one stone.

Okay thanks for those of you who read my rant! 
Goodbye and Thank you!
Happy Happy..Onion 
gretchen0693 Feb 2, 2014  New member Student General Artist
ILYSaku, may i say you are insane, (it's nice to see one of my people ;-) ) and i have to agree there is a seret part of me that wats to see these two get together... is that weird seeing as they are blood-related?
:dignity-laugh: LOL Yeah maybe I've gone a little loopy and glad to find that I'm still among a growing number of awesomely-crazy population of the world ! :happybounce: Crazy La :iconlacrazyplz: 
And yes it is wired but I've come to embrace that part of myself!! onion dance 
Besides it's no stranger than those of us who support a niece(Persephone)xuncle(Hades) relationship! Muajajaja..How funny..Onion 
I just wish someone (maybe me) will make this couple a compelling reality!!!onion yep 

~Au Revoir!!!~
Happy Happy..Onion 
gretchen0693 Mar 8, 2014  New member Student General Artist
i agree not to mention in the original versions when Gaia gave birth to Uranus(the sky) and then married him... still wondering where you get all those crazy characters. i'm glad to see im not the only one who think we psycho people are awesome ;p
legomaestro Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing stuff
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